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Vertu Mobile

Vertu Mobile

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A Vertu Mobile is not just a telecommunication device, it is a gateway to a luxurious lifestyle. Vertu Mobile is dedicated to creating luxury mobile phones that take style and craftsmanship to a new level. Vertu Mobile is known to create unique luxury mobile phones that are both classy and extremely durable. Vertu Mobile uses some of the rarest materials found in nature to develop new mobile phones that are extremely distinctive in their styling. Vertu Mobile's first cell phone, the Vertu Signature, was launched in 2002 in Paris. It was the world’s first luxury mobile phone. Over the years Vertu Mobile has pioneered a number of developments in Luxury Mobile Phones. In 2003, Vertu Mobile patented the laser-drilled keypad and in 2005 it became the first brand to use carbon on a cell phone. It is interesting to note that each and every Vertu Mobile Phone is handmade by a single craftsman. These craftsmen are rigorously trained in the art of creating a Vertu Mobile Phone and have exceptionally high standards of design and engineering. Sapphire Crystal is used in the screen of Vertu Mobile Phones. Each Vertu Mobile Phone is perfectly tuned to minimize distortion and ensure the highest quality of sound. These are some of the many features that make Vertu Mobile Phones truly flawless.

Buy Vertu Mobile from all across India online through www.vertuindiaofficial.com. All our Vertu Mobiles are the best in quality and craftsmanship. Each Vertu Mobile is Handmade in England and are the epitome of luxury. At www.vertuindiaofficial.com anybody can buy a Vertu Mobile at discounted prices. You can find the finest Luxury Vertu Mobile Phones at our web store. We ensure the highest level of authenticity and strive to give our customers an enriching buying experience. Now no need to start a shop hunt to buy a Vertu Mobile. You can simply browse these at our website and buy from the comfort of your homes. From our website, you can buy a Vertu Mobile at very affordable rates.

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