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Vertu Mobile 2021 Collection - 4 Models to choose from:


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VERTU - Made To Order Luxury Mobile Phones | Print Your Name on Your Mobile

VERTU - Made To Order Luxury Mobile Phones | Print Your Name on Your Mobile

Now you can make your own Luxury VERTU Mobile Phone! VERTU has recently started offering 'Made To Order' services to its clientele. VERTU is a Brit...
The Best Classic Mobile Phone from VERTU | Yellow Gold Signature Diamonds in Keypad

The Best Classic Mobile Phone from VERTU | Yellow Gold Signature Diamonds in Keypad

VERTU makes extravagant mobile phones, everybody is aware of this. But this time, they have outdone all previous attempts! Presenting to you - The ...


The VERTU Aster P Luxury Smartphone is now available in a Limited Edition Specification in India. It is called The VERTU Aster P Rococo Diamonds. T...
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'Welcome to Vertu Mobile India Official Online Web Store'

We are a one stop shop for all your luxury Vertu Mobile phone needs. Here at www.VertuIndiaOfficial.com you can browse through all the latest Vertu Mobile Phone 2021 Models. Vertu Mobile Price in India starts from Rs. 45,000 for the basic Vertu Signature Series Keypad phone. For the Vertu Touch Screen Smartphones, the price starts from Rs. 65,000. You can find all the Mid-Range Vertu Phone models launched in India at our web store. We also take orders for Vertu Gold Phones starting from Rs. 4.5 Lacs. We understand your need as a customer and can help you in selecting the best Vertu Mobile according to your budget. Also, in this post Covid19 times, we offer Free Contactless Delivery at your doorstep.
At www.VertuIndiaOfficial.com we have a '50 Exquisite Piece Collection' of the finest of Vertu Phones in India. You can browse through the 2021 Price list of all the Vertu Phone models listed here. Vertu Mobile in India basically comes in 5 types of models: The Vertu Signature Keypad Phone, Vertu Aster P Smartphone, Vertu Constellation X Smartphone, Vertu Signature Touch Bentley Edition Mobile Phone and the Vertu Life Vision 2021 Mobile Phone. Vertu phone price in India for the Vertu Signature phones start from Rs. 45,000. Vertu phone price for the Vertu Aster P Mobile Phone starts from Rs. 82,000. Vertu mobile price for the Vertu Constellation X phone starts from Rs. 78,500. Vertu mobile price in India for the Vertu Signature Touch Bentley edition mobile phone starts from Rs. 65,000 and the Vertu phone price for Vertu Life Vision starts from Rs. 2,60,000.

A brief history about our legacy as a Luxury Mobile Phone Maker: 'Vertu Mobile' is a British manufacturer and retailer of Luxury Mobile Phones established by Finnish Mobile-Phone manufacturer Nokia in 1998. These Luxury Vertu Mobile Phones are the most popular in Russia, Asia and the Middle East. All Luxury Smartphones selling at Vertu Mobile India Official Online Web Store come with Dolby Digital Plus Virtual Surround Sound and Hasselblad Certified imaging, as well as Vertu’s full portfolio of services, which comprises Dedicated VERTU CONCIERGE as well as VERTU LIFE and VERTU CERTAINTY (as pre-installed apps). The word Luxury is becoming popular these days and hence we at Vertu Mobile India Official have what it takes to make your mobile using experience a certain luxury. The Vertu Phone price that you pay lets you own an object of desire. The performance of Vertu mobile phones in India is exceptional plus the fashionable luxury styling makes these Vertu phones in India a desire for everyone. We at Vertu Mobile India Official have tried to make Vertu Mobile prices affordable and therefore our prices are reasonable enough so that you can afford luxury at minimal prices, starting at Rs. 45,000 INR. But be aware that only a limited quantity of Vertu Mobile Phones are available at a given time, and we follow first cum first serve basis policy to fulfill your orders with us.

At Vertu Mobile India Official, we have all the latest Vertu Phone models available for sale.The following are the best selling models of Vertu phones in India:
- The New Vertu Aster P 2021 Mobile Phones in Baroque Series and Gothic Series.
- For a Big Immersive Screen Experience : The Vertu Constellation X Mobile 2021
- The Classic Business Phone : Vertu Signature Touch Bentley Edition Phone
- And The Legendary Flagship Model : Vertu Signature S keypad buttons 2021 (with the old school style keypad)
We also sell some Classic Vertu Limited Edition Phones, Handmade in England :
- The Vertu Signature Touch Bentley Edition Mobile Phone
- The Vertu Ascent Ferrari Gt Limited Edition Mobile Phone

So, we have most of the Latest Vertu Mobile Phones in India available at our Vertu Official online web store. You can also order a 'Made To Order' Vertu Mobile Phone Handmade in England according to your choice. You can choose the Leather colours of the specific model you want to purchase. Our aim is to amaze you with our "British Craftsmanship meets Technology" tagline. Also, we take great pride in establishing long lasting Customer Relationships and therefore we provide a 2 Year Total Warranty Cover on each Vertu mobile sold in India. You can call us 24x7 at our customer support number +91 7058291709 for any information regarding your Vertu Mobile Phone purchase or for a requirement of any after sale service. We also import spare parts and carry out repair work for Vertu Mobiles, if and when needed (only for Genuine Vertu Mobile Phones).

As per our Office: We are based in Mumbai, but we service to all parts of India. Since, we have Launched our Latest Vertu Mobile Phones in India, we have also made arrangements to deliver the phones to you in any part of the country. So, the payment process can be in 3 ways, namely :
-Online Payment (10% Further Discount - Use Code 'VERTUINDIA')
-Cash On Delivery
-EMI payment option available on selected Bank's Credit Cards (which you can check on the payment page or call us at 7058291709).

Some Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s) and our Answers:
- Why is Vertu mobile so expensive?
Answer: All Vertu mobile phones are made up of precious high-end expensive metals and materials. The cost of the materials used to manufacture a Luxury Vertu Phone is much more than a regular smartphone of any other brand. For an example, if we compare a Vertu phone with a Samsung or an Apple iphone - the Inner Body Frame of a Vertu phone is made of 'Grade 5 Titanium Alloy' metal (this is the same metal used to manufacture Aircrafts and this metal in itself is costly), on the other hand, a regular Samsung or an iphone is made up of hardened plastic or steel. In a Vertu phone, we use 'Premium Eco-Leather' stitched all over the outer body to give a luxurious feel, on the other hand in a Samsung or an Apple iphone there is NO LUXURY FEEL, Outer body is either thick Glass or Plastic! Moreover, a Vertu Mobile Phone is Handmade in England by a trained craftsman - whose job is to create a masterpiece and Vertu phones are very limited in quantity, on the other hand, all other phones are made by machines in huge quantities - so no special feel! So, from the above examples, you will get an idea about why is Vertu mobile so expensive as compared to other branded mobile phones in the market.

- What is the price of Vertu mobile?
Answer: Starting price of Vertu mobile phones in India is Rs. 45,000. All phones listed on www.VertuIndiaOfficial.com are mid range Vertu phones and price ranges between Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 2,60,000. Vertu mobile price of the Vertu Signature phones is less from the Vertu Smartphones. Vertu mobile price of the Smartphones like Vertu Aster P and Vertu Constellation X start from Rs. 78,500. The costliest Vertu phone in India as of now is the Vertu Life Vision smartphone with a starting price of Rs. 2,60,000 (two lakhs sixty thousand rupees).

- Does Vertu still exist?
Answer: Yes, off course! Vertu was established in 1998 by Finnish Mobile-Phone manufacturer Nokia, but the journey from 1998 till now, that is till 2021 has been a bumpy ride - just like all Businesses. All Businesses have seen Ups and Downs and Vertu is no exception to that! Vertu as a Company has exchanged hands and been sold to new Owners quite a few times from 1998 to where we are standing now in 2021. And every time this transition from the 'Old to the New' happens - some foolish attention seeker 'fake news' blog publishes on the Internet that 'Vertu has closed'!
Here is a short summary of the takeovers: In October 2012, Nokia sold Vertu to private equity group EQT VI for an unspecified amount, but retained a 10% share. By the end of 2013, the company had around 3,50,000 customers, and phones were on sale in 500 retail outlets across the world, including 70 run by the company. In 2015, it was announced that EQT had sold its share of Vertu to Godin Holdings, a Hong Kong-based holding company. In March 2017 Godin Holdings sold Vertu to Baferton Ltd. a Cyprus-based Turkish company. And since then Vertu has Launched 3 New Smartphones: The Vertu Constellation X Smartphone in 2017-2018, The Vertu Aster P in 2018-2019 and The Vertu Life Vision in early 2020. The production has been halted in March of 2020 again because of the Covid19 Pandemic Lockdown in the UK and the Factory was shut till September of 2020. From October 2020, we are again Up and Running and producing High-End Luxury Phones for our Esteemed Customers. So, You can Order Your Luxury Vertu Mobile Phone now online and we deliver usually in 3 to 5 days at your doorstep.

- How can I buy Vertu in India?
Answer: You can buy Vertu mobile phones in India online through our website. The payment process can be in 3 ways, namely :
-Online Payment (10% Further Discount - Use Code 'VERTUINDIA')
-Cash On Delivery
-EMI payment option available on selected Bank's Credit Cards.
After you have placed an order of your chosen Vertu Mobile Phone, we deliver it to your doorstep through Bluedart couriers within a 3 to 5 days. The amount you have paid as your Vertu Phone price includes your Luxury Vertu Mobile Phone fully box packed. The box will have the Vertu Mobile Phone Leather cover, Vertu headphones, battery chargers, manuals, USB wires, bill and other necessary papers (2 Year Warranty included). We will also provide the Vertu Mobile wireless charger where compatible with the mobile phones as complimentary. So now you can buy a Vertu Mobile Phone in India online without any hassle.

We have also started shipping Vertu Mobile Phones to International Locations from India. International customers can contact us at - sales@vertuindiaofficial.com / vertuindiacare@gmail.com for their requirements and we will be happy to help. For International Customers we will accept Vertu Mobile payments through PayPal and we will ship through DHL or Fedex, delivery time being maximum 12-15 days.